Business Opportunity

177% Profit!!
We offer an opportunity to invest in a very solid but highly profitable real estate investment.
Data and Characteristics of MARITZA ESTATES:
A highly profitble real estate investment in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Bulgaria's second largest city). The land includes an approved Urban Building Plan for the construction of a high quality 25,000 square meter residential complex in the city's most attractive neighborhood.
Minimum investment of Euro 29,700.
Estimated length of investment: 3 years
Guaranteed return on investment.
As a major city, Plovdiv currently serves as an economic corridor for the European Union, connecting up economic transit routes from the east to Western Europe.
In addition to international and local flights,  the Plovdiv Airport serves as one of the largest cargo ports in Europe, encompassing a free trade zone with a large-scale network of logistical warehouses of international companies.
As a result, the European Union is investing billions of Euros into the Plovdiv region for economic development and national infrastructures

Who we are?
HGS GROUP specializes in real estate investments and ventures in Bulgaria, particularly in the city of  Plovdiv. The Group's professionalism, experience and in-depth familiarity with the local market, as well as its extensive and close ties with key players on all levels, all  serve HGS and it's investors to maximize it's investments, insuring a solid and profitable investment for all.  
We at HGS GROUP place tremendous importance on ' professionalism, transparency, and responsibility.    HGS's investors are the core of its business.  
The company has two branches, one in Israel and one in Bulgaria, each  managed by an specialized team of experts.
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