Israel in EU and NATO? It's Not So Crazy


Israel should more assertively seek to join NATO and the European Union, Bulgaria's former foreign minister has told The Times of Israel.
 A Million BGN Investment to Secure Bulgarian Citizenship


Foreign nationals would be granted Bulgarian citizenship if they invest at least BGN 1 M in a Bulgarian company that is involved in a high-priority investment project, the Parliament decided Friday.
Bulgaria May Get 2nd Tech Park near Plovdiv


Dobrev says that the focus of Sofia Tech Park would be global markets because a narrow regional or local emphasis would be unfeasible.
The strength of Bulgarian banking system


Ivan Iskrov, governor of central Bulgarian National Bank, says that he is very proud of the strength of local banking groups and the strength of foreign subsidiaries in the country.
Bulgaria signs MOU with China


Bulgaria's government has approved a draft memorandum of understanding on economic cooperation with China's eastern municipality of Shanghai.
Deposits Hit New Record


Deposits of Bulgarians increased to a new record of BGN 34.7 B by September 30, 2012.
President Plevneliev visited Israel


The visit by Bulgarian President Plevneliev to Israel from October 22 to 24, the latest in a series of high-profile exchanges of visits between Sofia and Jerusalem.
Thessaloniki-Based Firms Moved to Bulgaria


Yiannis Boutaris, Thessaloniki Mayor, has announced that around 6000 companies based in or around the city have moved operations to Bulgaria.
Bulgaria's Economy to Grow 0.5% in 2012, 3% in 2013


Standard & Poor's ratings agency expects Bulgaria's GDP growth to stand at about 0.5% in 2012 and accelerate to 3% after 2013 as recovery in external demand trickles through the economy.
Culture of entrepreneurship


A culture of entrepreneurship is starting to form in Bulgaria, and the construction of Sofia Tech Park scheduled to begin in 2013 will help in this process, Bulgarian President Rossen Plevneliev said
SME performance outdoes EU average


Bulgaria’s small, medium and micro enterprise sector has stabilized after the crisis with noticeably more businesses, jobs and value added than the European Union as a whole, according to an EU study.
Bulgaria Property Prices Increase


Bulgaria property prices have risen after several years, ranked 39th in the Knight Frank Global House Price Index, far above Greece, Spain and Italy. The demand for Bulgarian property is increasing. The overseas property portal shows Bulgaria reentered top 10 popular destinations.
Bulgaria 2nd in EU by Annual Growth in Construction Production


Bulgaria is one of the three EU Member States to register an annual increase in production in the construction sector in July 2012, according to Eurostat data.
Seventy Years since Rescue of 50 000 Jews


In 2013, Bulgaria and Israel will jointly commemorate the 70th anniversary since the Balkan country's historic rescue of 50 000 Jews from Nazi concentration camp.
Bulgaria Marks European Day of Jewish Culture


Bulgaria is marking Sunday the European Day of Jewish Culture, the Organization of Bulgarian Jews "Shalom" announced.
First Hi-Tech Park to Be Completed 2015


ofia Tech Park, Bulgaria's first hi-tech park, will be fully completed in 2015
Bulgaria Leapfrogs in Global Competitiveness Ranking


Bulgaria's economy has jumped 12 places up in the World Economic Forum's competitiveness ranking and is now placed 62nd.
Bulgaria's Lesson for Euro-Skeptics


The Bulgarian government has announced that it is suspending its plans to adopt the euro, which had been scheduled for sometime after 2015. "The momentum has shifted... "Right now, I don't see any benefits of entering the euro zone, only costs" said the Finance Minister Simeon Djankov
Entrepreneurship Acceleration under JEREMIE initiative


800 teams with business ideas have applied for funding under the Entrepreneurship Acceleration and Seed Financing Instrument under the JEREMIE initiative.
Israel Seeks to Hire 3 500 Bulgarian Construction Workers


Israel needs a total of 3 500 Bulgarian construction workers, according to the unemployment bureau in the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo.
Growth of Apartment Prices


The newest data of the National Statistics Institute (NSI) about the apartments in the big cities in Bulgaria in the second quarter of 2012 shows that for the first time since the beginning of the crisis there was a small positive price growth of 0.2% on a quarterly basis
US Ambassador Lauds Bulgaria's Fiscal Stability


Bulgaria is one of the most fiscally stable countries in Eastern Europe and a source of stable fiscal policies, according to outgoing US Ambassador in Sofia, James Warlick.
US Is Bulgaria's Strategic Partner in Energy


"In today's world energy is part of national security. Bulgaria's strategic relations with the USA include the energy sector," added Stoychev. He recalled Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev principles of energy diversification, energy liberalization and energy effectiveness.
200 Million Leva for SMEs


Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) secured 200 million leva to lend to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by the end of the year.
Bulgaria Had EU's 2nd Lowest Debt-to-GDP in 2011


Bulgaria had EU's second lowest debt-to-GDP ratio among the EU 27 in 2011 – 16.3%. The lowest ratio of government debt to GDP was recorded in Estonia (6.0%). Bulgaria is followed by uxembourg (18.2%) and Romania (33.3%).
Europe for Us 2012 Expo


The Bulgarian National Exhibition of EU programs and projects held on 16 -18 June, gathers in one place all interested parties in the process of implementation of EU programs
Banks Reduced Deposit Interest


Nine banks in Bulgaria reduced deposit interest rates while improving conditions for home loans.
Bulgarian Real Estate Market Overview 2011-2012


The positive news from the Bulgarian property market in 2011 was about the increased number of deals and lower interest rates on mortgage loans. Regarding 2012, it looks like the market is depended on the background of general insecurity connected to the debt crisis and Europe’s future
Another Rowing Canal and a New Zoo


The Southern Bulgarian Plovdiv municipality plans to build a second rowing canal and a new zoo with funding from JESSICA, a joint EU initiative for financing sustainable urban development.
Investment in commercial property increased


Investment in commercial property in Bulgaria increased by over 950% in 2011 compared with 2010.
Bulgaria to Absorb All EU Funds by 2013


Bulgaria will have absorbed the entire BGN 13 B allotted from the EU funds to the country in 2013, stated Bulgarian European Funds Minister Tomislav Donchev.
Bulgaria's exports to non-EU countries increased by 26.5%


Bulgaria's exports to non-EU countries increased by 26.5% year on year in the period January - November 2011, exceeding BGN 13.5 B
Bulgarian Real Estate and the EU - March 2012


Bulgaria banks are over flowing with money, about 25 billion euros and finally after years, the interest rates are coming down. The Bulgarians feel like real estate prices are at their lowest and will only go up, so there is a new trend to buy good real estate investments.
Over 100 Bulgarian Companies to Be Presented in Qatar


Representatives of 103 Bulgarian companies from food and beverage industry, tourism, the construction and real estate business, pharmacy and others, will attend a business forum in Qatar's capital Doha.
Consumer Confidence Improves


Consumer confidence in the EU and in the euro area improves
EC Ranks Bulgaria 5th in EU by Growth Forecast


Bulgaria's economic growth is expected to grow stronger towards the end of 2012
Bulgaria's 2011 Investment Awards


Hewlett-Packard is Bulgaria's No. 1 investor in the category for creating high-added value jobs. In 2011, HP Bulgaria opened a total of 1 150 jobs as part of the expansion of its HP Global Delivery Center Bulgaria...
Deposits in Bulgaria Banks Hit New Record High


The Bulgarian banks stability and their more attractive interest rate policy are the main reasons for the interest of European citizens and companies to put their money in Bulgaria
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